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Where do I begin? I guess I have to be very honest on here, as lots of people who know me, swingers and not, read my page on a regular basis. - thanks for your friendship and support guys ;)

When I started this site I was a single (divorced) man, I am now married to JoJo from Canada.

I was born February 9th, 1956 in Rye, in Sussex, England. I still have my own (undyed) hair, my own teeth, and about 156lbs of other body parts all in good working order.

My hobbies are, swinging, the internet, scuba diving, photography, lots of different kinds of music, films (adventure, thriller, occasional chick flicks). I like browsing around antique shops and shows, and have started collecting Whitefriars vases, I also collect Swarovski crystal animals. I enjoy good wines and Stella beer (hard to find here in Spain) and Champagne.

I live in a town called San Bartolomé in the province of Alicante, Spain, about 70k from Alicante and 60k from Murcia.

Jo and I got engaged in February 2004, when she proposed to me on 29th Feb. We got married in Gibraltar in August 2006. We are both swingers, we sometime play as singles, but we both prefer to swing as a couple either with singles or couples. You can find out lots more about us on our private swing site at

I spend a lot of my time travelling around the world. I have visited over 30 countries and scuba dived in about 20 countries.

Whilst in the Maldives in April 2000 I developed an interest in scuba diving and started doing my PADI course. I did 3 reef dives at 12 meters and 2 cave dives, and took lots of photographs, (only half of which came out!). I did two further dives off the Greek island of Paros, one cave dive at 15 meters and one reef dive at 18 meters (first dive the batteries in camera were flat, second dive the visibility was to poor to get many shots). Determined to get my divers license I decided to go to Australia for Christmas & New Year 2000/2001 and finish my course on the great barrier reef. The diving was fantastic, and in the six weeks I was there I finished my open water course, an adventure course and an advanced open water course. I have now done 70+ dives and have had the time of my life. To see some of the pictures I took while diving - go here

I produce the text here in Spain, the ads are managed by my partners at the adult hub, and the site is served from various servers in the USA and the UK.

People like me who decide to live an alternate lifestyle are also besieged by newspapers barons with too much money and too much assumed power. As mere "subjects" we are not entitled to protection from these bullies of the press who live a life of double standards. I am always willing to talk to newspapers and magazines as long as they are going to do an even handed report.

I have also had lots of contact from TV companies and have appeared on TV about 15 times to try and explain that swinging isn"t a seedy, dirty experience.

I love modern toys, and every few weeks I buy another gadget to play with, which means my space is forever getting less.

Jo and I share an office in our house, where we work 7 days a week creating and managing our swingers sites.

I am a keen swinger, (there is a surprise). I am always interested in hearing from attractive couples and single ladies who would like another guy to play with. I am straight, so sorry bi & gay guys, I can't help you.

I started running web sites as a hobby back in 1997, when I set up a site for my now ex-wife Fizziiii, this was a site for her exhibitionist pictures, and we also ran a small contact ad section on there as well. When we split I started dirty-david in 1998, as a means of keeping up my hobby, but also as a way of keeping involved in the swinging scene.

I do not work in the conventional sense. Jo and I run this site and several other swinging related sites, and do ad-hoc web design and site building for people as required. My trade used to be in setting up, running, and recovering ailing help desks and Call Centres, a job which has taken me all over Europe and to America and Singapore.

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