The Grand Barn - Ottawa

The Grand Barn - Ottawa, Canada

A clothing optional, alternative lifestyle friendly, private club and campground on 250 acres located between Montreal, Ottawa and Cornwall, in Ontario, Canada.

In summer, for those seeking a picturesque location where to find oneself in an environment to be at one with Nature, optionally Nude & Free to enjoy the full feeling of being away from daily routines and a place to escape the stressing stuffy feeling of city life, THE GRAND BARN is your destination. TGB is a private select club/resort of 250 acres of freedom. For those that want to experience the feeling of complete relaxation in a domain that has kept its very raw natural aspect and has maximized on the quality of its more tolerant laid-back visiting crowd.

Nudity is fully encouraged, not forced upon, as it pertains to the element of freedom we so strongly promote.

It is most important to take note that we have always been, since our first day of operation, the very answer to the too many singles who may have felt left out, misjudged, or squarely denied access (or disdainfully refused based on their status) at many other locations. They have found the answer to their repeated frustrating rejections by coming at a place they can call Home.

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